I’m going to throw some names out at you: Willie Mays.  Bobby Orr.  Hakeen Olajuwon.  Michael Jordan.  Patrick Ewing.  Brett Favre.  Chris Chelios. All players who were amazing in their own right, some the best their sports might have ever seen.  But now I’m going to tell you which teams they ended their careers with […]

NSH guitar pick

Nashville is one of the biggest surprises of the NHL season in a good way.  Robby has been covering the team this year for NHL.com and gives us his thoughts on the early success and what Preds fans have to look forward to on the ice. Listen here


Stu stops by and we talk about Krys Oliwa, Stu’s pick for who was the worst at communicating an upcoming bout among his fellow enforcers, and some general hockey chatter. Listen here


Catching up with my old color partner in crime Stu Grimson to see what’s going on with the Preds as they head into Ottawa to battle the Senators, and we get completely sidetracked right away with rock’n’roll, Hal Gill, and locker room mixes by DJ Eric Nystrom. Listen here

Wednesday, Feb. 4, 2009 -- Bristol, CT -- ESPN NHL analyst Barry Melrose

Talking hockey with former NHL head coach and current ESPN Analyst Barry Melrose, who just loves Nashville and what the Preds are up to so far. Listen here

Tom headshot

Catching up with Kevin Allen from USA Today to talk about some interesting storylines to start the NHL season. Listen here


Here’s a chat I had with Preds defenseman Victor Bartley about the team getting off to a good start and what the difference in this year’s team seems to be. Listen here


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